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Sketshare is a ground-breaking virtual meeting platform that lets people collaborate in real-time and take their ideas to the next level. Sketshare makes it possible to collaborate with people worldwide, no matter where they are, by allowing you to generate whiteboards and share anything from notes to the artwork of an idea. Now, you can work together anytime, regardless if your team is miles apart!




With Sketshare, you can join thousands of like-minded individuals in exploring new ideas and challenges head-on with one big canvas. Whether it's a brainstorming session with your team or an online meeting to plan the next big project — we've got your back.


Sketshare gives you all the tools to supercharge your brainstorming sessions.


Get together on a single platform, share new ideas and unlock the true potential of the human mind.


Switch on that mic and share your words of wisdom with our team members.


Sketshare is changing how people around the world collaborate and communicate. We have quickly grown into a beautiful community of people worldwide. The collaborative whiteboard platform Sketshare has enabled global communities to come together without barriers.

175 +


Sketshare expands over 175 countries worldwide, providing our community the best real-time whiteboard wherever you are.

1M +


The Sketshare community expanded by over 1 million in the last 10 months, with members collaborating on a simple platform to achieve their goals.

180k +


Sketshare has become a well-known global name as one of the premier collaborative whiteboards. It continues to grow, with 180K+ active users every month and trending in the top three or four apps on various app stores.

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Simple yet powerful, Sketshare is a revolutionary new platform that will allow you to work with your friends, colleagues, and students in real-time, no matter what sector they're from. While you collaborate on ideas, everything happens seamlessly and efficiently in a real-time shared workspace, i.e., an interactive whiteboard for all, regardless of profession and age.


Sketshare is a multi-cultural digital platform that caters to anyone who enjoys collaboration and achieving better solutions and successful roadmaps with others. Sketshare will transcend the boundaries of the body and unleash the greatness of the mind.


Sketshare collaborative whiteboard is a great way to share your screen and work with others remotely. It's user-friendly interface makes it easy to use.

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Imagine being able to quickly and easily brainstorm with anyone, no matter where they are.


Sketshare is a multi-cultural platform for collaboration that strives to achieve better solutions.

Successful Roadmaps

Sketshare will transcend the boundaries of the body and unleash the greatness of the mind.


Sketshare for

Imagine being able to collaborate on a project from different sectors without ever having met face-to-face, all through the platform's collaborative whiteboard. Sketshare is the platform that enables this, and it's great for brainstorming new ideas!

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Sketshare is a virtual whiteboard with real-time collaboration. For everyone who needs to connect remotely with others for a quick brainstorming session, this user-friendly online collaborative whiteboard is ideal. Sketshare will change the culture of brainstorming and collaboration by providing fantastic tools and features to connect individuals utilizing voice and video communications via online meetings. You will be able to work, study and play on a single digital canvas in real-time.

The name “Sketshare” came from merging both words Sketch and Share together creating a new terminology in the collaborative whiteboard world and only in real-time. Sketshare runs on all devices on your smartphone, tablet and laptop.
Sketshare offers what the traditional whiteboard provides supported by some unique digital tools to streamline the collaboration process between the users. Using the built-in voice and video chat gives an great opportunity to communicate better. Some of our typical and unique features:
  • Create meetings and join others
  • Collaborative whiteboard
  • Our unique layers feature
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Pen and eraser tools
  • Share boards with others
  • Import images and markup together
  • Voice and video chat
Click the pen icon and choose one of the standard colors you prefer for a varity of colors on the whiteboard between users. You can also choose from a complete color wheel on the right side icon on the bar for wide range of color shades a your preference.
Click the pen icon and drag the button the bar to choose your preferred pen thickness on the board. There are nine pen line thickness.
Click the PLUS icon on the left side menu bar. A bottom bar will appear to add an image from your mobile library or your device internal memory. You can insert images with the most common format, JPEG from your device library.
Users can create meetings and start collaboration between them by clicking on the top right icon “Create Meeting”. BY clicking, you will be able to copy an invitation link, send via most common apps and/or send directly by email.
Once invitation link is sent, the users can join the meeting and start putting ideas together.
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Sketshare is a digital collaboration platform that enables global teams and professionals to collaborate virtually and generate new ideas to drive innovation and boost business growth. It helps foster creativity and collaboration among team members by providing a space for visualizing and mapping concepts. Sketshare has an extensive library of customizable features according to your business needs.