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Some of the best app features;

Simple platform

Sketshare provides a very simple, yet bold platform for your team’s collaboration on real-time

Easy communication

Sketshare ensures streamlined voice and video communication between team members on the platform

Collaborate on real-time

Sketshare provides real-time communication during the meeting session where everyone can see, comment and interact on the spot

Build your story

Sketshare has a unique layering feature where users can insert layers on top of each other to distinguish between the different team members ideas

On all devices

You can benefit from Sketshare wherever you are and from any device, your mobile, tablet or laptop. We built our technology to ensure you are synchronized between the different devices.

For everyone

With Sketshare, everyone from any profession can utilize the platform to their needs. You can work with your colleagues, study with your classmates or have fun with your friends

How it works:

Step 01:

Download Sketshare on all app stores for free or open the web-app version on your laptop.

Step 02:

You can create your account using your google, Facebook or apple ID or by simply giving a username and password.