About us

Sketshare is created to connect anyone remotely with others for a quick brainstorming session, this user-friendly online collaborative whiteboard is ideal. Sketshare will change the culture of brainstorming and collaboration by providing fantastic tools and features to connect individuals utilizing voice and video communications via online meetings. You will be able to work, study and play on a single digital canvas on real-time.


Sketshare is created to connect, ignite and inspire people around the globe through the power of new fresh ideas, crossing borders and time, putting creative minds together virtually transcending time and location. We have ventured into the sketching and sharing platforms, online meetings industry to offer superior and unique digital canvas for brainstorming for all types of people with the sharing mentality.

All the tools you need to put thoughts together


Invite colleagues and share your ideas


Switch on the mic and say it out loud


Sketshare for

With Sketshare you will be able to link with multiple people and discuss virtually through the platform collaborative whiteboard in real-time like no other. It enables people from different sectors to build their visions together in real-time